Hi, I'm Jen.

I’m a copywriter, content strategist, brand lover and customer champion. And I’m awesome.

(That last one’s subjective, I suppose…)

I’ve been in the content space for more than 16 years. (Please don’t point out my wrinkles.) At first, it was proofreading and editing, but then I stepped into content creation, content strategy, SEO and UX. That stuff skyrocketed my passion!

My gut feel for the right way to go on a content strategy, brand position or piece of copy is generally trustworthy. I back it up with data and research because I’m not infallible – how cool would it be if I was?

With some big brands under my belt (which sounds sleazier than intended), I’ve developed some serious expectations about what’s “good enough” when it comes to content quality and project results. You could say I’m a perfectionist, but that word tends to have negative connotations so I’d prefer you didn’t.

But if you want to know me a little more personally…

Can I drop by your inbox?

Clever content. Awesome anecdotes. Fabulous finds.

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